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.I'm Koren! I'm a wife, mother and documentary style photographer all combined into one person. I am passionate about my family, encouraging others, documenting genuine moments that tell beautiful stories and capturing timeless images along the way. Here is where I share my latest work, peeks into my life and resources on how to take your storytelling photography to the next level


Moments with Mom

Last month, I wrote about wanting to get in the frame more often. I had great intentions but it's a hard task to commit to. I get busy, I forget, I get lazy and ultimately I take my time with my kids young for granted.

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Koren Smith
What is Documentary Photography?

In the past few weeks I have mentioned that my style of photography falls under the documentary category. Since this is still something that is considered new when it comes to family photography I wanted to take the time to explain what it means.

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I was There Too

My love of photography was born on May 23, 2014, at 12:05 pm. It started with my OBGYN saying, "Okay Grandma, let's grab a quick photo before I leave." The second I heard the click on my mom's phone my life was forever changed... 

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